CH Jilzan Peregrine Dream SC, FCh, CRX

(10/18/94 - 7/19/2008)

Sire: CH Jilzan Stormbird SC, FCh
Dam: Jilzan Bonnie Dream

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Peri finished her ASFA Field Champion (FCh) title at just 14 months of age. She finished her breed championship a month before her 3rd birthday, after *13* major reserves!

In the spring of 1998, Peri went to 'race camp' with Del and Maggie Wasso in Illinois. (Thanks, Uncle Del and Aunt Maggie!) She earned her CR (Companion Racer) title her first weekend racing, then, despite coming into season in the middle of racing season, she also earned her CRX (Companion Racer Excellent) title. Peri had at least one Top 10 finish on the oval - we think she did pretty well for a 'show girl' past the first blush of youth!!!

Peri gave us two nice litters. The first was sired by the handsome Rush (DC Chelsea Gold Rush of Keynote SC, FCh) from which we kept the lovely and talented Pikachu (Jilzan Adagio Pikachu SC, FCh, CD, RA).

Then, Peri went to Canada to visit the very speedy and handsome Myles (Galeforce Tilt O Whirl, ORC, RCh), a breeding which produced the lovely and speedy Starchaser (Jilzan Adagio Starchaser, FCh).

Although we are very proud of Peri's accomplishments, she was a joy to look at and live with, and that is what we treasured most about her. She was always carrying around a ball or a toy, and would fetch them until everyone was too tired to throw. She could de-stuff a new toy in about two minutes flat! She was happy and joyous, and had enough show attitude for three dogs!

Peri also loved to do the 'dive and flip' hanging on to the lure at the end of a lure course - which caused her to break a bone in her foot at age seven. That definitely slowed her down a bit (but not for *too* long!)

Peri loved to sleep under the covers, like her Grandma Sara. Between the two of them, the bed required remaking four times a day for almost thirty years! We still miss them both!

Peri had a joyous attitude and her classic beauty stole our heart. Deeply loved, and sadly missed - she did everything ever asked of her, except live a lot longer.

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