CH Adagio Jilzan Han Solo

Date of Birth: 05-29-03

(CERF, OFA heart)

Sire: CH Mimbres Zuni Warrior
Dam: Adagio Jilzan I Stand All Amazed JC

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Solo started off his show career with a bang, earning Best of Winners and Best of Opposite at Yuma KC under judge Sharon Krogh on his six month birthday! He finished his breed championship at 13 months, and earned several Best of Breed wins and a couple of group placements in short order.

Then disaster struck! Solo went lame on his right rear leg. My vet first felt it was an ACL tear, but there didn't seem to be a tear, so maybe a strain. I also took him to an orthopedic specialist, who said the same thing. Limited exercise, and time, was the prescription.

Three months passed, with no improvement - in fact, the muscle was atrophying in his rear leg. Back to my vet, who X-rayed, with nothing definitive found. Off to the chiropractor - a small bit of help, but
Solo was still lame. Six to eight weeks of crate rest was my vet's recommendation, so that was the next step.

Eight weeks later, after crate rest, no improvement. We decided to try acupuncture, to see if we could get some balance and pain relief. One acupuncturist recommended a follow up X-ray, to check for any differences. The follow up X-ray showed a serious lack of bone density right above and below his stifle joint. My vet looked at that X-ray, and said "It's either bone cancer, or Valley Fever. And since this is an 18 month old whippet, I suspect Valley Fever."

Blood work was drawn and sent to the lab, but I started him on the VF meds the same day. Success at last! Within a week, Solo was improving. His eyes were brighter, and he was limping less. Within three months, he was sound, and within six months, he was shown at the Prescott shows, where he earned two big breed wins, and a cut in the hound group!

Unfortunately, Valley Fever isn't quite that easy to completely cure (especially when it's disseminated, as Solo's is.) Solo had a small relapse a year later. Back on the meds, and doing well, he also sired four litters, from Jubilee (Adagio Jilzan Jubilee), FeFe (CH Adagio Jilzan Queen's Knife SC), Pikachu (Jilzan Adagio Pikachu SC, FCh, CD, RA), and Windy (CH Rushing Wind de Sud).

Summer 2010 - Very sad news here at Jilzan. Solo lost his long battle with Valley Fever. We miss his charming personality, and handsome looks. Fortunately, we do have two of his daughters here, and one granddaughter, so his legacy lives on.

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