GCH Adagio Jilzan Tiger Paw SC

Date of Birth: 2-2-2015

Sire: GCHS Adagio Jilzan Fire On Ice SC
Dam: CH Adagio Jilzan Puzzle SC

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Tiger Paw is our keeper from the Hot Pepper litter, which is the first litter for both our Frosty and Puzzle. We are very excited about her future, and love our little redhead! (from Google: The super-hot, bright orange TigerPaw-NR habanero pepper offers extreme pungency for pepper aficionados)

April 2016 - At just 14 months of age, Tiger Paw gives us the thrill of a lifetime by going WINNERS BITCH, BEST OF WINNERS, and BEST BRED BY EXHIBITOR at the 2016 AWC National in San Diego!!!
HUGE thanks to Dr. Barbara Henderson DVM, for awarding Tiger Paw, and making a lifetime dream come true!

Fall 2016 - Tiger Paw earns her 2nd major at the AZWA fall specialty weekend!

Summer 2017 - California and Arizona summer shows, Tiger Paw finishes her CH title! And earns her first major toward her GCH!

Fall 2017 - After several weekends of specialing in Nov., Tiger Paw gets to lure course, and earns her SC! Winning the open stake for her 4th leg! So proud of our charming redhead, who is such a keen running girl!

2018 finds Tiger Paw blessing us with a lovely litter, sired by handsome east coast Henry (CH Talk of the Nation de Sud)! Seven girls and two boys! We are very excited by these lovely puppies! And very proud of Tiger Paw, who came back out to hern her GCH after her litter!

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