Our Girls


GCH Adagio Jilzan Tiger Paw SC

Sire: Bronze GCH Adagio Jilzan Fire On Ice JC
Dam: Adagio Jilzan Puzzle, SC

Tiger Paw is our striking 'redhead' keeper from our Spring 2015 litter. We think we are going to have a lot of fun with her!



CH Adagio Jilzan Fire Opal

Sire: CH Winsmoor Maverick Cowboy Up!
Dam: Adagio Jilzan Red Eden

Opal is happy, beautiful and fast! She trained herself as a show dog, and her easy, flowing but powerful movement, as well as her lovely outline and keen attitude, have made her a big favorite here!



CH Adagio Jilzan Sunday Cowgirl

Sire: CH Winsmoor Maverick Cowboy Up
Dam: CH Adagio Jilzan Never On Sunday SC

Girlie is a classic! A powerhouse mover, with a delightful attitude, we are very excited about our 'blond bombshell'.



Surrey Hill Mariner Butter Behave

Sire: DC GCH Surrey Hill's Golden Boy LCM DPC TRP ROM
Dam: DC GCH Surrey Hill Silkrock Teenage Crime Spree At Mariner FCH ARX DPCX

Behave is our newest blond bombshell! Thanks to Karen Lee & Kristen Fredericks for allowing her to come west!



CH Adagio Jilzan Puzzle SC

Sire: Wildfire's Adagio Red Hot
Dam: Ch. Adagio Jilzan Fools Rush In, SC

Puzzle is exuberant, enthusiastic, beautiful and fast! She has never met a stranger, and we love her fabulous attitude, as well as her classic good looks.



Ch. Adagio Jilzan Fools Rush In SC

Sire: CH Adagio Jilzan Han Solo
Dam: Jilzan Adagio Pikachu SC, FCh, CD, RA

Angel Finished her breed championship from the Bred By Exhibitor class. She is the classic whippet beauty that we strive for, and is also ASFA and AKC coursing pointed.


ppet Velvet

DC Adagio Jilzan Vibrant Velvet SC, FCh

Sire: DC Chelsea Long Kiss Goodnight, SC, FCh, ROM
Dam: CH Adagio Jilzan Queen's Knife SC

Velvet is lovely, fast, and an intense competitor! Many thanks to Deann Christianson, for allowing us to use her wonderful Davis! We are happy that Velvet followed so well in her talented sire's pawprints.


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