A Walk Down Memory Lane
Our Past Stars


CH Martincrest's Freckles

Sire: CH Stoney Meadows Royal Fortune
Dam: CH Stoney Meadows She Made It

Jill's first whippet, Freckles. He was whelped in 1969. Shown here winning the Veterans class at age 11, Somerset Hills KC, judge Mrs. Phillip SP Fell.


CH Tudor's Quicksilver Serenade CDX, FCh

Sire: CH Stoney Meadows Royal Flight
Dam: CH Xzora's Genuine Risk

Our foundation, the lovely and talented Sara was smart, beautiful, and the best behaved dog ever! She was a natural retriever, and would fetch anything thrown for her, including keys! She was an enthusiastic (though untalented) swimmer, but she loved to fetch so much that she didn't care.

Sixteen years was not enough - she is still missed!


CH Rushing Wind de Sud

Sire: CH Hamrya's Honey Beee JC
Dam: CH Harlot's Halo de Sud

We will be forever grateful to Kathy Armato for allowing Windy to come to Arizona! Windy finished with four majors and won Best in Sweeps at the AWC Western Specialty, her very first time in the ring! She also produced two lovely litters for us. Living with her is a joy.



CH One O'Clock Sunrise At Jilzan LCM

Sire: CH Wildfires's Exclusive
Dam: One O'Clock April Romance

Millie thrilled us by going Best of Winners at the 1993 AWC National in Dallas from the 12-18 month class! She was our first Lure Courser of Merit (LCM), and produced two lovely litters. Many thanks to Renee Iler (nee Prescott), for allowing Millie to live with us!


CH Surrey Hill Glory-of-the-Seas LCM

Sire: CH Patric's Jammin Drarig
Dam: CH Surrey Hill's Dawn Treader

Glory was our second LCM. She had the typical wonderful attitude and bullet-proof temperament for which Surrey Hill whippets are so well known. We loved her for that, as well as her exotic makeup and speedy coursing ability. Thank you, Karen Bowers Lee, for sending Glory to us!



CH Jilzan Stormbird SC, FCh

Sire: CH Jamal's Falcon
Dam: CH Tudor's Quicksilver Serenade CDX, FCh

Casey was a true guard dog, which is unusual in a whippet, but otherwise very typical of a wonderful whippet personality. He was also one of the best moving whippets we have ever seen. He sired some lovely girls, including Brandy and Peri (see below). We still miss him!


One O'Clock Misty Rose FCh

Sire: CH Jilzan Stormbird
Dam: One O'Clock Flora Moon

Tough, little Brandy finished her ASFA Field Championship despite battling Valley Fever. Then, she gave us a lovely litter of three pups which included CH Jilzan Jasper Adagio JC, CRX and Jilzan Tara Arrow UDX, FCh.



CH Jilzan Jasper Adagio JC, CRX

Sire: Ch. Merci Isle Deep Woods
Dam: One O'Clock Misty Rose FCh

Jasper had 305 ASFA points, with *nine* 2nds, and no 1st placements, so he never finished his Field Champion title. At just 20-1/2", he was a small dynamo, and tough as they come. He retired with Del and Maggie Wasso, who said he was the best puppy race trainer ever. Loved, and deeply missed.....



CH Surrey Hill's Sweet Danger SC, FCh

Sire: CH Surrey Hill's Millenium Falcon
Dam: DC Chelsea Selena SC, FCh, CD

We miss our Danger girl! Lovely to look at, and fabulous to live with, she also gave us a lovely litter, including our charming Mazie (Adagio Jilzan I Stand All Amazed, JC). Danger won the 6-9 puppy class at the Atlanta AWC National in 1997, under respected judge Mary Beth Arthur (Marial). She won the American Bred class at the San Diego National a year later, under judge Anthony Gutilla.


Adagio Jilzan I Stand All Amazed JC

Sire: CH Surrey Hill's Firing Line FCh
Dam: CH Surrey Hill's Sweet Danger SC, FCh

Mazie has one of the most bullet-proof temperaments we have ever produced. She is a charming personality! She produced two litters for us - Han Solo, a singleton, then a litter of eight that includes our lovely Bonnie (BIF Adagio Jilzan Easter Bonnet SC).



CH Jilzan Peregrine Dream, SC, FCh, CRX

Sire: CH Jilzan Stormbird SC, FCh
Dam: Jilzan Bonnie Dream
(10/18/94 - 7/19/2008)

Peri was a fitting tribute to her lovely and talented grandmother, Sara. We called her our 'lab in whippet stripes', as she was always carrying around a ball or a toy, and she would fetch until she wore out the thrower's arm. Peri had a joyous attitude and her classic beauty stole our heart. Deeply loved, and sadly missed - she did everything ever asked of her, except live a lot longer.



CH Adagio Jilzan Han Solo

(CERF, OFA heart)

Sire: CH Mimbres Zuni Warrior
Dam: Adagio Jilzan I Stand All Amazed JC

In just a few litters, Solo sired some very promising youngsters. Congratulations to his first champions: CH Adagio Jilzan Jingle Bells JC, FC Adagio Jilzan Winter Wonderland SC, and CH Adagio Jilzan Fools Rush In SC!

Sadly, Solo lost his long battle with Valley Fever at far too young an age. See MORE for more info.



CH Adagio Jilzan Never On Sunday SC

Sire: Wildfire's Adagio Red Hot
Dam: Jilzan Adagio Pikachu SC, FCh, CD, RA

Never finished in just 19 shows, winning four majors from the Bred By Exhibitor class and Reserve Winner's Bitch at the 2003 AWC National in Chicago from the 6-9 puppy class under judge Iva Kimmelman (Merci Isle).



BIF Adagio Jilzan Stella Cherry SC

Sire: CH Chelsea Chalcedony
Dam: DC Adagio Jilzan Vibrant Velvet SC, FCh

Stella, sadly lost at far too young an age. See 'More" for information.


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